I’ve been running this latest version of the Tamagotchi for a while now and I’m having fun with the mixing (breeding) functions across generations; a fun mechanism where the creature’s look will depend on the parents’ genes.

On my Blue Fantasy version I managed to breed a rare “Clock” Tamagotchi, one of the coolest characters ever raised. The clock genes are distributed throughout Tamagotchi kiosks in Japan, so it’s pretty much a region-exclusive, but thanks to the app – almost anyone can look for a character that they like and mix with them.

Curiosity got the better of me; so got this idea of mixing these two creatures and see what the offspring’s going to look like!

Just like the earlier Tamagotchi versions, these ones are equipped with an infrared (IR) transmitter which is used to communicate between devices, and unsurprisingly, propose is one of the options that can be selected during the connection phase.

Connection in progress…

After the connection has been completed, I was shown a wedding scene. Wow, cutting to the chase I see!

Not too long after, they separated ways and each were given their respective eggs.

I can only run one Tamagotchi device at a time, so the Blue Fantasy goes back into its box for now…

The egg hatches into what looks like a red baby blob.

It’s a boy!

It’s going to take about 2 human days for it to become a full-grown adult, so until then, we’ll see how strong (or weak) those clock genes are!

(to be continued)

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