Welcome to Weekend Thoughts – a collection of post with small random thoughts and ramblings!

Finally, I get to experience an actual long weekend!! Due to my nature of having two jobs, I usually only experience one day off every week but it’s not really much of a day off since I still do some baby-sitting. Nonetheless I do not have any extra shifts this long weekend, so I intend to do some actual rest.

For the past couple of weeks I received a good amount of new stuff – from the Soul of Shogokin GX-72 Megazord to Zio’s bike and weapons set, but I never found the time to display and shoot new photos – hopefully this weekend gives me enough time to do so!

So I received my Thursday to Saturday badges for NYCC in October! I was disappointed at first because I remembered ordering some loot to go with it but they didn’t turn up…

It turns out that the merch will be shipped a couple of weeks before the actual convention. Whew!

Kamen Rider Zero One

I watched the live stream of Kamen Rider Zero One’s premiere in Japan earlier and I’m liking it so far! Speaking of which, Amazon has shipped my Zero One Driver but unfortunately that will have to wait until Tuesday (downsides of the long weekend) but that means I now officially have a third Kamen Rider cosplay! The main character’s civilian outfit is only composed of sweatpants and a red hoodie – both of which I already have. No need to buy expensive loot off Premium Bandai for this year!

I’m liking the main characters now…

I’ve gotten word that our local Cineplex is discounting all movie tickets for this weekend… that means it’s also my chance to watch Lion King and Toy Story 4!!

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