ManyFest is finally over – it’s that busy time of the year for me as I help the festival through the Watch Ambassador Team for the entire weekend.

It was fun overall, though I wasn’t able to see everything as we were stuck in our posts for the entire shift as opposed to least year’s rotations. I think I Only saw the part of the festival were most of the food trucks and the rides are, but that’s pretty much it. I hope they bring back the rotations next year.

Beaver Tails

The lines for the food trucks are so long, particularly Beaver Tails one which I have been eyeing for the entire shift but I never made it. I could only look… for now 😛

I was so tired the whole Saturday so I spent most of my Sunday sleeping in, lazing around and catching up with Kamen Rider Zero One and preparing for my Toronto trip.

Quite a restful (but not enough) day!

Remember that breeding experiment a few days ago? For some reason the adult looked nothing like his parents – it was an uninteresting mix of genes from [probably] his great-grandparents or something.

I was disappointed that I ended up marrying him on the app right away.

Yeah, that boring orange blob was that character. I married him up with this Tamagotchi from the app that appears to look like she has a cake/dessert for a head and a kimono which I found cute, if not appetizing.

Right after the marriage they hatched an egg that brought about twin baby boys!

Fraternal twins? Let’s see how these guys end up becoming…

Web Unleashed 2019 starts on Friday! I’m excited to do the Thursday Gatsby Workshop and the conference. Toronto, here I come!!

Hopefully I’d meet fellow developers like myself who are mostly doing PHP/WordPress and are starting to dip their toes into new platforms such as React and other similar tech.

Zero One’s being really impressive so far. After last week’s solid first episode, the second one is keeping the momentum in a good pace. The premise of the series is mostly the humans-vs-AI but the series is tackling the possibility of humanizing the AI as portrayed by the main character Aruto forming a bond with Mamoru, one of the AI security staff.

Unforunately, the antagonists saw this as a potential and hacked Mamoru into one of this week’s monsters. The clearly showed Aruto trying to hold back into fighting his newfound friend, but according to Izu, his AI personal assistant that hacked AI cannot be restored. In the end, he had no other option but to make the sacrifice and take down the hacked Mamoru.

This is one of the things that I like the most about Super Sentai and Kamen Rider in general – they know how to make emotional jabs and tug its viewers’ heartstrings with its writing, despite the fact that these are primarily shows aimed at kids.

Another part of this second episode that I find impressive was the debut of the series’ second Rider, Fuwa as Kamen Rider Vulcan. The transformation scene was well-done and made to look as practical and realistic as possible. As opposed to the usual Rider-style transformations where the character inserts a gimmick item into their belt buckles, Vulcan had to transform using a gun (something that only Sentai usually does) and punch its bullet mid-air to activate his armour.

Of course, Vulcan’s suit design matches the whole AI/futuristic aesthetic as well.

It’s been teased that the third Rider will make her debut for next week’s episode. It’s about time they add a main female Rider in the show!

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