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I used to contribute C-programming tips/hacks back when I was still in school and “the13thgeek” was the nickname I came up with. Thirteen (13) happens to be my lucky number and geek, well that’s self-explanatory! It stuck with me ever since.

Hello, bonjour, ใ“ใ‚“ใซใกใฏใ€‚

I’m Aldreich a.k.a. the13thgeek, and welcome to my little blog.

I made this site as an outlet for me to talk about my niche interests, practice my writing skills, graphics and (basic) photography.

Other than making cool stuff with computers, I also enjoy seeing movies with friends, doing casual cosplays during comic conventions, listening to a diverse set of music, going out for a run, taking photos and I love to eat and travel. I’ve been to Japan, Hong Kong and Macau so far – and it’s just the beginning.

I’m currently learning Japanese, so expect a few occasional Japanese posts (with translations!).

Iโ€™m not a bookworm but I appreciate a good read, and my favourites are the works of J. K. Rowling, Dan Brown, Suzanne Collins and the likes of which. Just finished reading Mary and the Secret Garden and currently reading 1984.

the13thgeek: ENCOREใธใ‚ˆใ†ใ“ใใ€‚

ใ“ใฎใƒ–ใƒญใƒƒใ‚ฐใซๅƒ•ใฎ่‰ฒใ€…ใชใ‚‚ใฎใ‚’ๆ›ธใใพใ™ใ€‚Webใƒ‡ใƒ™ใƒญใƒƒใƒ‘ใƒผใฎใ‚‚ใฎใ‚„็‰นๆ’ฎใ‚„ใ‚ฒใƒผใƒ ใ‚„ใ‚ณใ‚นใƒ—ใƒฌใ‚„ๆ—…่กŒใ‚„ใƒ•ใ‚ฃใ‚ฎใƒฅใ‚ขใƒผใชใฉใซ่ถฃๅ‘ณใŒใ‚ใ‚Šใพใ™ใ€‚

่ถฃๅ‘ณใฏๅ‹้”ใจๆ˜ ็”ปใ‚’่ฆ‹ใŸใ‚Šใ€ใ‚ณใ‚นใƒ—ใƒฌใ‚’ใ—ใŸใ‚Šใ€่‰ฒใ€…ใช้Ÿณๆฅฝใ‚’่žใ„ใŸใ‚Šใ€ใƒ•ใ‚ฃใ‚ฎใƒฅใ‚ขใƒผใฎๅ†™็œŸใ‚’ๆ’ฎใฃใŸใ‚Šใ—ใพใ™ใ€‚ๆ—…่กŒใ‚‚ๅฅฝใใงใ™ใ€‚ๆ—ฅๆœฌใƒป้ฆ™ๆธฏใƒปใƒžใ‚ซใ‚ชใซใ„ใŸใ“ใจใŒใ‚ใ‚Šใพใ™ใ€‚