Acrophobia Warning!

This is the single craziest thing I’ve done in my life so far – doing the CN Tower EdgeWalk!

EdgeWalk is CN Tower’s most thrilling attraction in its 35 year history, and the first of its kind in North America. It is the world’s highest full circle hands-free walk on a 5 ft (1.5 m) wide ledge encircling the top of the Tower’s main pod, 356m/1168ft (116 storeys) above the ground. Visitors walk in groups of six, while attached to an overhead safety rail via a trolley and harness system. Trained EdgeWalk guides will encourage participants to push their personal limits, allowing them to lean back over Toronto with nothing but air and breathtaking views of Lake Ontario beneath them.
CN Tower Edge Walk

I have always wanted to do this activity ever since I did a research on CN Tower (I have this fascination with mega-structures) so when I got the chance to fly to Toronto back in 2013, I immediately booked for a Sunday morning walk. I almost got late for my walk because we miscalculated the travel time, but thank goodness we managed to get on a cab and we were downtown in no time.

Upon arriving at the EdgeWalk Base Camp, I was asked to sign a waiver and then underwent through several tests (breathalyzer, metal detection, etc.) before putting on those bright orange jumpers and the harnesses. We then proceeded to climb up the tower to get ready for the walk. I’m not afraid of heights but I started to feel really nervous but our guide is doing a good job in keeping us entertained with her Toronto trivia. We did some really dangerous activity up there, and despite the 30 kph winds all six of us were able to carry out the tasks pretty well. We were a pretty fun group because we spent most of the time laughing and talking to each other during the walk. It was a huge lifetime achievement for myself as this is the first extreme activity I have done so far (if riding rollercoasters isn’t dangerous enough). It’s not everyday I get to walk a 5-foot platform more than a hundred storeys high! We did get our certificates and photos printed and we also got a video of the experience as well!

CN Tower EdgeWalk video

The whole thing took about an hour. Sadly not all of the activities we did up there were captured on video. There was this one activity where we had to look up and only use our feet to feel the edges of the platform. That one threw me off the loop for a bit!

I’d recommend this activity for adrenaline junkies or for anyone trying to conquer their fear of heights. Toronto looks beautiful from up there!

“Lost Chronicles” are memories of past adventures itching to be recorded down in history.

Original Date: August 4, 2013

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