I’ve been collecting action figures for a few years now, and naturally I slowly began to dip my toes into the realm of action figure photography. I mostly collect S.H.Figuarts and Figma series as they are the toylines that usually release characters from the series that I like (which are mostly toku).

I started off by just taking them out of their display cases and making them do simple poses on my desk and eventually began to incorporate small props, lighting and bits of humour here and there. Usually I make a few series of photos with the same theme.

For this instance, I came up with the idea of using caution tape for a theme as these usually implies a scene where action is either expected or has happened. Where did the idea came from? While I was watching Namie Amuro’s Hide and Seek music video:

Namie Amuro – Hide & Seek (2007)

The Figuarts and Figma lines usually follow the 1/12 scale so initially I began to search online for caution tape miniatures. I found a few, but I was somehow attracted to the non-English ones, which unfortunately do not exist. So I had to be creative and came up with my own. I made yellow text boxes in Microsoft Word, typed up the phrases, printed them out, taped a single layer of transparent Sellotape to give them that plastic-y texture (and for additional strength) and finally, cut them to strips.

They ended up looking so much better in the photos!

I ended up making three different languages – it adds flavour to the photo so they’re not just a bunch of yellow tape saying “CAUTION” all over.

I’ll probably add more to this series again at some point! But I had fun doing these shots.

If anyone’s interested in more toy photos, head over to my Instagram page.

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