Long time no see.

So I did a thing. A big one!

Just a few days ago, I moved from Winnipeg to Toronto!

It’s been a huge endeavour, I’ve always wanted to move here and almost did a few times in the past, but it wasn’t completely feasible until recently.

First task was to find a sublet for my apartment, which wasn’t easy. Winnipeg’s having one of its worst winters in decades and I was at my wit’s end trying to deal with people who were interested in a viewing but never showed up (trust me, there was a lot of them). But somehow, just near the end of March, someone was genuinely interested and applied and not even two days later I received a notice that I needed to be out of there by the 31st. First five seconds was like “yay, Toronto!” and then oh crap right after I realized I have 9 days to vacate.

Over the next few days I was in a frantic mode packing, selling and asking for quotes from different moving companies. With the help of some friends, somehow I managed to get the logistics done. From buying boxes and packing materials, selling and giving away some of the large/bulky stuff and furniture and transporting my belongings to the storage warehouse for moving – somehow it all worked out in the end.

The last few bits were basically to find an apartment in Toronto and grab plane tickets. Since it’s a very short notice and it’s a one-way flight, it ended up being very expensive but that’s just how it is.

April 1st was the big day.

Thank you for the 12 years, Winnipeg!

I have a friend in Toronto who was nice enough to let us stay in his place for the first few days while we look for a new apartment. Luckily we managed to score a 2BR right within downtown!

We just moved in to our new unit today and for now it looks like a college dorm. My room is basically empty, save for me two suitcases worth of clothes and my work backpack, but as soon as my stuff from Winnipeg arrives it should start feeling like home.

Made it to Toronto! Cheers!

2021 has been a rough year for me, and in the end I’m glad that I survived and now I can move on to put everything behind me and start anew. Here’s to new beginnings!

Better things await. 🀞

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