Recently, I’ve been getting story shoutouts from many of my friends on Instagram, but for some reason I am unable to return the favour.

You saw that right. I would like to give my friends a spotlight on my own stories, but I am however missing the Add Post to your Story option. My friends have been sharing posts on their stories for about a year now so I thought the feature would eventually make it to my app.

It didn’t happen.

I tried several options – signing up for the Instagram Beta, transferring to a new device, clearing data, trying to login on a different account and trying to contact Instagram’s support to no avail.

I’ve looked it up online, but it looks like some people are SOL on this feature like myself. Considering I’ve been on Instagram since 2012, that kinda sucks!

One more side-bug: whenever one of my friends share my post on their story, I never get a notification. I would only get one if they used the @MENTION sticker.

Any other possible solutions?


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