For the uninitiated, Voltes V (pronounced “Voltes Five”) is a popular anime about a team of people piloting a five-machine fleet of powerful aircraft that the Earth used to defend itself against the Boazanians, an alien humanoid race that attempted to invade Earth and spread their beast fighters all over the galaxy.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I grew up watching and loving this anime and it’s one of the main reasons that I love toys and collectibles that involve multiple vehicles that combine into a giant robot. For this post, we’ll take a look at the Mini Deformed Series #2: Voltes V release!

The main feature of the Mini Deformed Series is that the art style used for their releases are in the chibi format which is mostly distorted in a sense that the focus of the art is the head and less of everything else. In this case, they chibified Voltes V into this adorable format, but at the same time keep its combining feature!

The contents are pretty straight forward – we have the five Volt Machines: the Volt Cruiser, Volt Bomber, Volt Panzer, Volt Frigate and the Volt Lander. Together with the machines the set comes with two pairs of hands, a pair of closed fists and another one for holding the Laser Sword with either hands.

Volt Machines

Despite the obvious distortion of most of the vehicles, most of the detail from its original design had been accurately adjusted and nothing apppears to have been removed or left out!

Now the time has come for them to combine. V-Together! Let’s Volt In!

For a chibi figure, Voltes V has a pretty wide array of articulation points.

  • It can almost do a perfect split with its legs, thanks to the ball joints on the Frigate.
  • It can bend its knees as well.
  • The arms can go up fully horizontal.
  • The elbows can bend.
  • The hands can spin 360 degrees thanks to the ball joint on the wrist
  • The head can look sideways but are limited due to the part of the cruiser that is folded behind the body.
  • The panels in front of the Volt Lander can fold up to reveal a pair of powerful drills, just like in the series!
  • The V part of the torso can be removed when Voltes V is using the Laser Sword for a more realistic effect!

For the most part I’ll most likely display them in the combined form, so I’m keeping them like this. It makes a good office desk display!

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