Early morning at the Riverwalk

Thanks to the Watch4, it made me motivated again to do early morning weekend runs. Only managed a 4K run compared to last weekend’s 5K but that’s because I worked a day shift this weekend. I should probably sleep and wake up earlier to allocate more run time whenever I work a day weekend shift.

Remember Tamagotchi Smart? I managed to snag a preorder for the Nov 23rd release, but I got a little bit of luck and managed to get ahold of an early-release version!

Bandai made a special-edition 25th Anniversary version early release! It features an all-white body (as a homage to the very first Tamagotchi design released in 1996, and it comes with a SmaCard featuring nostalgic items and pixel-based raisable characters. This was supposedly only released through a lottery in Japan but it looks like many people won the said lottery and some were selling theirs online. I managed to find someone selling theirs for a reasonable price (some were already scalped like crazy), and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get it early so I bit the bullet. I’m keeping my preorder as I like the mint blue one as well.

It’s on its way to Canada in the mail, but it looks like it’s on track to arrive within this week. Stay tuned as I will most likely be posting about it!

If you haven’t seen Shang-Chi yet, I highly recommend it. My roommate and I watched it last night and it was a fun ride! Simu is a good actor and there are a couple of side characters that stood out and at times stole the show! That much I’ll say πŸ™‚

If anyone’s curious, there’s a mid- and post-credits scene!

The new Kamen Rider series – Kamen Rider Revice, premiered today! Wow, it felt like not too long ago when Saber was announced. Unfortunately I never got too much into it and fell out halfway through. Knights and medieval stuff isn’t really my thing.

This new one’s pretty interesting – the concept is pretty much “battling and handling your inner demons.” In this case, the main character has let out his inner demon but he’s using his Rider powers to harness his inner demon’s strength to save humanity and at the same time, keep his demon buddy in check.

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