I did some more eating today – it’s the baptism party for my coworkers baby and they had a small gathering at a park in the city.

Considering I just had some poutine and rollesque ice cream last night, I think I’ve had my fill of sugar for the next few days.

My Watch4 somehow exhibited an odd behaviour while it was on the charging pad.

My phone sent me a notification saying that it couldn’t connect to the watch, so I checked it out. The watch appeared to have been screen locked and in airplane mode. I tried unlocking it and disabling the airplane mode but suddenly the device became completely laggy and unresponsive. After about half a minute of fumbling with it, it showed me a dialog message saying it has cooled down and everything went back to normal.

Well that was interesting. I’m using an official Smasung wireless charging pad. I charged my phone earlier before putting the watch in there – could it be why it overheated? Looks like I’ll really need one of those Duo or Trio charging pads now.

Yesterday was August 28th, aka Power Rangers Day for us fans, as the very first episode aired in August 28th of 1993. I fell out of the fandom upon entering high school because StarCraft and Dance Dance Revolution became a thing, but I find myself drifting back to it over the past few years because I’ve gotten into cosplaying and remembered how much I wanted to be a Ranger even from back then.

Several years later, not only I have 1 but 4 different Ranger costumes!

There’s really just 4 in here, the other 2 are “variants” of Mighty Morphin’ Red Ranger (bottom right).

Happy Power Rangers Day, fellow ranger nerds!

Ahhhh another Monday coming up. Weekends should be really be at least 3 days!!

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