Raise your hand if you haven’t played half of the games on your Steam game library? Guilty.

And that’s about to get worse, because recently my roommate and a couple of friends at work convinced to pick up The Forest. I like horror movies so I think this is right up my alley!

I’ve played the game for about 40 hours now and I’m enjoying it so far. I like the sudden spawns of the cannibals to the point that the game made me scream several times, but I can’t wait until I get a proper weapon. The grind is real.

Until then, I will make do with my plane axe and the screaming will stick around for a while! πŸ˜‚

Where’s my M-16 rifle when I need it? Oh wait, this isn’t Left 4 Dead, LOL.

Did anyone watch the latest Galaxy Unpacked event? While I’m disappointed that there’s no Note 21 announced, my wallet breathed a sigh of relief. My Note 10+ is still happily chugging along and looks like it could last another couple years so I honestly didn’t mind.

I did however, set my eyes on the new Fold. It looks promising, and with the big screen and the (not-native) S-Pen support, it could very well be my next phone if ever I decide to upgrade in the future. The foldable tech is still too young and the under-display camera could still use another year to improve.

Galaxy Watch4 Classic

But I think now is the right time for me to get a smart watch after a few years of toying with the idea, so I preordered the new Galaxy Watch4 Classic. I initially picked the 46mm one, but after trying on a few sample units at the mall I figured it’s too huge for my skinny wrists so I downgraded to the 42mm one. There’s a huge difference in battery size, so I hope I could make mine last for 40 hrs like what Samsung has been advertising. I charge my Note 10+ every evening, so maybe it won’t be such a huge issue.

I preordered from the Samsung Canada website and they’re throwing in a free wireless charging pad and it’s due to ship out later this week! I’m excited to go out for runs now, hope I receive my Watch4 before the weekend! Fingers crossed.

Speaking of weekend runs, I’ve slowly gotten back into it and I’ve began addressing the issues that prevent me from getting motivated and enjoying it.

Since I upgraded to the Note 10+ I’ve only done a couple running sessions because it’s become too unwieldy. It’s a 6.8″ phone and it’s not the most comfortable feeling having that big slate bounce around my pockets while running. I’m already using wireless earbuds so dangling wires are no longer a problem.

I’ve looked at smartphone armbands and I toyed with the idea of getting one but most of the ones I found on Amazon are designed for smaller phones. I guess having big phones is both a blessing and a curse. How about I pick up an LTE Galaxy Watch4? Samsung Canada says it’s $569 before taxes, so…. no!

I went to the mall earlier to see if they have some off-the-shelf armbands I could check – same problem, but within the same section I found these “running belts” and I had no idea they exist! I thought runners usually either go with armbands or fanny packs!

I tried to fit my Note 10+ in it and it worked! I tried wearing it at home and do a few quick laps in the hallway and it looks like the problem is solved! The other plus side is I can keep other things in it as well!

Never been this excited to go on a run before – my Watch4 better get here sooner!

8/26 Update – my preorder’s still stuck on “Processing” despite the page mentioning that it should have shipped out yesterday… guess it’s delayed. :‘(

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