While Covid is still taking its toll, allow me to recall a couple of my favourite memories from attending the Power Morphicon event in Anaheim exactly three years ago.

It was the second day of the event and I’m wearing my armoured Red Ranger costume. As soon as I entered the convention floor I came across these gentlemen, one after another. It was quite the moment where things just happen and the sheer randomness and awesomeness hits me right in the face. It was amazing!

How many Red Rangers does it take to change a bulb? πŸ˜‚

While that was my very first Morphicon, I’ve already been active in the online ranger cosplay community and have already made a few friends online. However I never met most of these guys in person until Morphicon!

Teamup with @geeklevelasian and @midrunnercosplay 😎
Countless memories!

For the most part, I liked how our interactions online smoothly transitioned into in-person conversations and ramblings! I’ve made a pact with some of them to hang out again in for next year’s Morphicon, when all these craziness is over and it’s safe enough.

I seriously miss these people a lot. Which reminds me, why don’t I have ranger nerd friends in my city? 😦

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