I’m usually a low-key person so even if today’s my birthday I wasn’t planning anything crazy, but that’s about to change!

First thing in the morning I got a few beeps from my Tamagotchi and I thought that it’s just hungry and needs some feeding, but this came up.

It even played an 8-bit Happy Birthday tune!

I gave them breakfast and sent them on their way to their parents as I won’t be able to take care of them today. I had a plan with my roommate to go hiking but looks like he’s got other plans in mind – we went out to watch Black Widow in the theatre!

Black Widow

I haven’t been to the movies since The Rise of Skywalker back in 2019 and before the pandemic hit. Recently, my city’s case counts have been steadily declining and the restrictions have been lifted. Our local movie theatres have resumed operating and are now admitting fully-vaccinated people.

I don’t know why my social media feed was littered with negative reactions about the movie, but I actually enjoyed it! At first I thought it was an origin story, but turns out it’s like a “side quest” for Natasha that takes place between Civil War and Infinity War.

Somehow I will always see Alexei as Hopper from Stranger Things, lol 🀣

It’s a great experience – considering this was something I used to do a lot before Covid, for the past 17 months I almost forgot what it felt like watching a movie with other people. I had fun that it felt illegal, considering how much things have changed since then.

After the movie we drove to a fancy bakery and he got me this scrumptious Oreo cheesecake! πŸ₯° He knows me a little too well! 😁

I’ve been fighting the temptation all day to eat this as soon as I got it.

We’ve been driving around in his flashy convertible and I think that’s the best part of the whole thing! He loves his car and he usually uses his other vehicle when he’s driving with other people, so the fact that I get to be in it is something I appreciated. Easily my best birthday ride!

Later in the day some of my friends came out of the woodwork and called me to say they’re picking me up and we’re going somewhere. Surprise – it’s a birthday patio dinner!

We’re all fully-vaccinated so we’re good!

They got me a birthday cake to go with it as well!

I’m a happy camper!

Just like the movie theatres, I have not been dining out with people for such a long time and it feels so good being able to go out with friends again and hang out like before.

Looking forward to more things opening up, but it’s great to celebrate this special day with special people doing normal things! Who could have thought that at some point in this lifetime that we’d all be looking forward to things going back to normal?

The surprises didn’t end there – my friends from across the border made sure I won’t finish this special day without tearing up!

They made a video greeting!!

Thanks so much you guys! I did not expect this at all and I’m seriously tearing up. I miss you guys so much and I can’t wait to fly back in there and spend more time with you all! You guys are the best!

Before I close this entry I’d like to thank everyone who reached out to me through all means – SMS, Facebook, Instagram and a couple other lovely folks who gave me a call – thank you!

Most people want something special for their birthday… I just wanted something normal, and I got so much more! This is one of my best birthdays ever. 😊

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