With our local Covid-19 cases on a steady downward trend (knock on wood), my city has finally began allowing home visits for fully-vaccinated people. For the first time in almost forever, I got together with a few good friends at work and hung out over some pizza and Jackbox Party games and it’s most social thing I’ve ever done.

I learned to cook something new today – sushi pizza!

Version 1.0

It wasn’t as difficult as I thought, it’s pretty much identical as to how pork tonkatsu is made. But those rice disks are quite the chore! I used a bowl’s base to shape them so they ended up bigger than I thought, so I might need to buy a smaller one and possibly add more toppings for my version two!

After a few weeks of delay, I finally got my vaccination card in the mail! Woohoo I’m ready to live a normal life again! Now, where do we go next?

Ready to fly! ✈

New York Comic Con is a no-go this year, unfortunately 😒! While I’m Fan Verified, I was still not lucky enough. Despite waiting for almost two hours on the virtual queue, most of the passes were already sold out by the time it was my turn.

Sold Out

I don’t think it’s worth flying all the way to NYC just for one day. Awww but I miss my nerd New Yorkers! 😭 See you guys at next year’s Morphicon instead?

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