Once again, the switching of the calendar is about to take place!

But before all of that, let’s look back at all the crazy adventures that came to be…


This was the month that was infamous for our annual Polar Vortex phenomenon in my city. It was so cold that the temperatures plunged down to -51°C for an entire week!


I debuted my Kamen Rider Geiz cosplay in our city’s annual Ai-Kon Winterfest!


The cold spell was nearing its end, rendering it safe for us to go to our frozen river to skate! 😀

It was the same time when I got a good deal for a used Legacy Zeo Staff online. I added it to my existing Armoured Red Ranger cosplay ensemble and it turned out to be a good mix!


Earlier in the month, I debuted the said Armoured Red Ranger cosplay at Manitoba Comic Con.

I attended Calgary Expo for the first time! Participating in their Wonder Parade on its first day was one of the best experiences I ever had!

I initially planned on bringing my newly-acquired Zeo Staff but unfortunately, it does not fit in my suitcase… 😥


We flew to Vancouver to attend my sister’s wedding and do some exploring and sightseeing!

It gave me the opportunity to catch up with my friends Dan and Nari (aka The New Travel) who happens to be in the city as well!


It’s FanQuest time! I received my newly-updated Dino Charge suit and debuted it at the same event!


It’s a fairly busy month… I had this one Saturday where I went hiking with a group of friends in the morning, and joined another group of friends for a friend’s bachelor party. Whew!

A couple of weekends after that comes Ai-Kon Winnipeg, where I teamed up with a fellow Ranger cosplayer and brought the famous heroes at the event!


Attended my second wedding ceremony this year! Congrats Piya and Luke!

A few weeks later, my weekend passes for NYCC came in the mail. Hype!


I flew to Toronto to attend the FITC conference and did some sightseeing and hanging out with local friends on my last day. 😀


Flew to New York to attend New York Comic Con and join my very first cosplay teamup!


In the midst of reeling over the loss of our annual Central Canada Comic Con, a new company takes over and announces the inaugural Winnipeg Comic Con that will replace C4’s Halloween slot starting 2020.


The first semester of my intermediate Japanese classes wrapped up and I was awarded my first Perfect Attendance commendation! It doesn’t sound much but for a busy person like myself, it’s quite an achievement!

Well – that’s a wrap!! 2019, thank you for all the amazing people and the fun adventures!

Hey 2020, you’ve got big shoes to fill! 🙂

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