Early New Year’s resolution: write some more!

Hope everyone’s enjoying the festive season! 😀

Finally, I found the time to write again after the crazy holiday season. I’ve been going double-down on my bedroom as I’ve been acquiring new Hue lights for my little “smart room” and I’m liking my little setup so far.

Currently I have two play bars on two corners of my room, an LED strip just right above the windows and the table lamp. Everything’s capable of changing colours and I’ve already made several predefined scenes and routines. Looks like I’m starting the descent into the Hue rabbit hole, but its crazy expensive prices are making me hold off on a bit and set up several price trackers.

The LED strip is driving me nuts as the power supply is emitting a low-but-disturbing buzz/whining sound on a few lighting setups. I recently had it RMA’ed from Best Buy (where I got them from) but the replacement still has the buzz on it. It’s possibly a power supply issue. I’m looking online for people encountering similar issues and I’m considering contacting Philips probably right after the holidays.

I’ve been enjoying the downtime now. Finally found the time to clean up my room, dust off the action figure shelves and organize the cables. It felt so satisfying now that I’ve gotten rid of a bunch of forgotten stuff sitting around taking space, I’ve managed to find this little piece after almost a year:

It’s a tiny piece of wheels that belonged to my Chogokin Voltes V figure – a rare and expensive find from my Japan trip back in 2016. I had the entire mecha displayed on my nightstand for a while, but a pair of the wheels fell off and went missing. I did not notice it was missing until I decided to switch up displays and pack up the figure. I was disheartened when I saw that one of the vehicles on the mecha had missing wheels and initial search efforts were fruitless. With a heavy heart, I accepted the loss and packed the whole thing back in its box… back in 2017!

Ah, the woes of an action figure collector – dealing with the nightmares of missing tiny parts.

Maybe I really should clean my room more often? 😛

I’m off work for the rest of the week! This should be the perfect time for me to catch up on a lot of things – continuing on reading my Power Rangers annual hardcovers, reading the 1984 novel, finishing Pokemon Shield and possibly brush up on my Gatsby/React coding skills, and obviously catch up on the blog entries!

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