The fall-back is here! I enjoyed my extra hour of sleep today 🙂

(I preferred the summer daylight time to stick around, but for now it is what it is.)

Speaking of daylight adjustments, it’s about that time of the year now that I finally address my #1 enemy during this time – waking up while it’s still dark. I’ve always found it difficult to do so, considering it’s chilly and it’s too comfy to be waking up still.

I tried many different approaches to waking up:

  • Alarm clocks? I hit the snooze way too much.
  • Putting the phone on the opposite side of the room? While it did a good job getting me out of bed, it made me feel pissed off the whole morning 😛
  • Using your favourite song as the alarm tone? After one week, I already hate the song and now I dread hearing it.

Figured I’d try something different! Thought I’d deal with it by doing some research and trying out the wake-up light solution!

I got myself one of those Philips wake-up lights. Not the newest model as it’s too expensive but this one should do the trick just fine. I’ve tried it for a week and I now find waking up in the morning not as terrible as it used to be… so far! I think this is going to be handful when winter fully sets in.

The model I have even has a fall asleep function which does the opposite – it starts out bright and gently warms up and dims to help me fall asleep. Although I will probably stop using that in favour of…

…Google Assistant!

Together with the wake-up light solution, I started a small smart-room setup. I got a good deal from the Best Buy site – they bundled a free Google Nest Mini with my Philips Hue lights!

I got a couple of routines running and it’s been convenient so far!

I got a pair of Hue Play LED bars as well, each positioned on either side of the room. I had them change colours depending on the day (similar as to how Taipei 101 is lit) and set them to auto-shutdown in the wee hours of the morning.

These bars sync with my Google Assistant routines as well, such as dimming them slightly on my “Good night” signal, while the Nest Mini begins to play a thunderstorm track to put me to sleep.

It’s a small start – but it’s going to be fascinating. Welcome to the future, I guess? 😀

I love ghosts.

Not because I’m a paranomal enthusiast (no offense to those who are), but because I like scaring people. Horror movies and attractions are one of my favourite places to go to, and now that Nintendo has released the new Luigi’s Mansion game, don’t think I’d ever pass that up!

My only usual complaint with the first-party Nintendo games is that they are about CA$90 after taxes which is very expensive. I almost didn’t pick the game up until I stumbled across my Air Miles card while cleaning up my room and figured to check the site due to curiosity and voila! Apparently I have enough miles to get a free Switch game!

They were pretty prompt in shipping it as well! The game came out a few days ago (Halloween) and it arrived in my mailbox right the next day!

Let’s go zap some ghosts!

Since my next convention plan is not until March 2020 for Toronto Comic Con, I started drafting up ideas for my next cosplay – Prince Koenma from Yuyu Hakusho.

He’s a pretty powerful and mysterious character, and he uses his pacifier to contain and control his powers. Speaking of which, I found this at a local candy store!

I’ve seen a couple of Ring Pops but none of the ones in stock were in blue like the one in the series, so I settled with this one for now. Initial plan is to eat the candy and wash/keep the pacifier itself.

I might find a better prop someday – but this will do for now.

Apparently, one of my good friends from NYCC is a propmaker, so looks like my robes are already taken care of!

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