…there goes another week. Next thing we know, it’s gonna be 2020 already!

I’m starting off this weekend post with one of the songs that always reminded me of weekends growing up…

I’d always hear this song on an early Sunday morning growing up. Those opening piano lines just feels calming to me, and it reminds me of my early childhood Sunday mornings long time ago…

I was 4, sitting in my usual corner of the house playing either molding clay or Lego, while my Dad would tune in to his usual radio station and I’d always hear this song in rotation. I barely knew English at the time, but I’ve come to like listening to it as Mr. Richie’s voice harmonizes well with the piano and my younger self would find it oddly comforting. I’d continue playing with my toys while this song plays in the background, and occasionally I’d stop what I’m doing and watch Dad either clean the house or tinker with any electronic appliance or furniture while I sometimes try to imitate what he’s doing by building a Lego replica of whatever he’s working on and I’ll have him “test” it for me.

Gone are the days, but listening to the exact same song evokes the same calming effect, still. The second I start hearing the piano intro, I get transported back to our little house and in my usual corner with the Lego blocks waiting for me.

I guess it’s what you call timeless.

As a programmer, I’m a huge fan of monotype fonts. I like it when my codes are neatly indented and each character occupies the same amount of space as everything else (as it should be), but there’s one thing about it that bothers me so much!

I was deploying a big website update at work for one of our live corporate sites, but for some reason when I flicked the switch to the new update, a big portion of my navigation bar completely broke. Instead of having a nice, horizontal set of navigation items with their corresponding drop-down menus, all I see is a a huge bullet list full of hyperlinks in blue and purple and it completely freaked me out!

  • Home
  • About
  • Newsletter
  • Corporate

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who gets nightmares after seeing that! 😛

After a few minutes of digging around, I found the culprit – apparently I was using the wrong menu ID. All this time I was using menu-l (lowercase L) instead of menu-1 (number 1)!

I loved working on a 4K screen resolution because I can see my page layout and my source codes all at the same time, but I guess it has its downsides! 😛

I got my repaired Joy-Cons back from Nintendo, and while the drifting on the left stick is pretty much fixed and gone (for now, at least), I was introduced to an entirely new problem!

Every time I play local multiplayer Smash with friends, I’d always get this screen in the middle of the match, and I have to reconnect my Joy-Cons, and manually point the cursor to my character on the screen so I could get back on the match and next thing I know I’m out of stock lives.

It happens every darn time. I tried unpairing and re-pairing my Joy-Cons but I still keep getting this screen in the middle of the matches. Tried Tweeting to @NintendoCanada but no luck.

I’ll test it with my other Joy-Con pair and see if I’m getting the same thing.

I’d appreciate any form of help at this point. 😥

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