Here back home in Winnipeg, we used to look forward to our annual big convention called the C4 (stands for Central Canada Comic Con). It’s big enough to occupy the entire RBC Convention Centre’s third floor and had people coming in from all over Ontario, the Prairies and a couple of states from the south such as North Dakota and Minnesota. It takes place around the Halloween season which was perfect for cosplayers and families to come check out.

However, the management had been going through several rough patches and announced that this year’s convention will be postponed until further notice… until a few weeks ago, they have officially announced that C4 is no more.

This is one of the things that motivated me to attend NYCC in lieu of C4, which turned out to be the best decision as I’ve had an amazing time.

Now that C4 is no more, I’m going to try and walk down memory lane as I post my memories of this convention. I’ve attended non-stop for the past 8 years, and many memories and fun experiences have been made.


My very first C4 event – I had my Slytherin robes as my one and only cosplay at the time. I found this picture memorable as this guy’s one of the people that motivated me to go reach for my dream to cosplay a Ranger in the future.


Acquired a new cosplay that year! I attended as a Sith Apprentice (a.k.a. Darth Maul minus the face paint πŸ˜› ) and had many photos taken with fellow Star Wars fans… and managed to come up close with Sir Patrick Stewart! I couldn’t afford the handshake/autograph fees so I was contented with just standing 10 feet away from his booth – it’s the closest I could get!


I almost didn’t make it to this one… as I was going through a rough time and in no mood at all to do anything fun, but I somehow managed to attend for at least half a day to get my mind off things. I got a Starfleet uniform for this year.

Beam me up, R2? LOL


I was only at the convention for half a day as well, but that’s because I ended up attending a friend’s Halloween party instead. I wore my Slytherin robes again and mixed it up with a friend’s Iron Man mask for the laughs.


No new cosplays this year either, but I managed to attend with a couple of friends and they got David Yost and Walter Jones as one of the guests! I’m a huge Power Rangers fan so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity for a photo and quick chat!


It was this year that I finally got my very first Ranger cosplay! Unlike the past few years, I’ve been more active in going around the convention floors and getting more photos as kids love Power Rangers!


Acquired my second Ranger cosplay – the Armoured Red Ranger!

This was the first C4 convention that I got a weekend pass and attended the event for the entire weekend with a different cosplay each day!


Debuted my much-awaited Gokai Red cosplay this year… I had no idea that this is going to be the final C4 convention… 😦

At this time of the year, I’m usually excited and getting ready for it, but now that it’s gone it feels sad knowing that there’s nothing more to look forward to from this point forward.

Well, it’s been fun, C4. I will miss my Halloween conventions. I hope FanExpo would come set up shop in here and fill the gap. I’ve been to Calgary Expo and I liked the way it was organized.

A guy can dream.

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