Well, that’s a wrap for this year’s New York Comic Con! (well, for me at least…)

It’s still technically on-going on its 4th and last day, but here I am at the LaGuardia catching my next plane on to Toronto to fly back home. I did not expect that I’ll have so much fun that it’ll be this sad going back and not having the chance to hang out with everyone more.

I don’t want to get all emotional or anything, but I wanted to thank everyone I’ve been with over the past three days, it’s been nothing but appy and fond memories I will take back home with me. I’ve only met a few of them before and many I’ve only met on this trip, but it felt like I’ve known everyone for such a long time. It did feel like may be we’ve been friends or even family in our past lives or something. As a newbie in the group I’ve always made it a point to be proactive and help look after everyone, particularly while we were on the convention floor. I’ve always cosplayed by myself back home and I’ve struggled looking after myself every time, so as a very subtle form of my appreciation for all these amazing people I’ve tried to be as warm, friendly and helpful as possible. It feels nice when there’s people I haven’t even met 48 hours ago but they’re already telling me that they enjoyed hanging out with me and they’d miss me – I knew I was with the right people.

I already miss everyone, but I’m still optimistic about PMC and I’m already considering coming back to NYCC for next year, since my city’s yearly big Halloween convention is no longer happening (more on that later).

I regretted not staying longer, but NY hotels made Anaheim look like an AirBnb. I’ll definitely need a bigger budget for next year and I’ll start preparing as early as now. But seriously, as soon as an opportunity to spend time with these people again comes up, I will not hesitate to jump on the next plane back to NY!

I’m not saying goodbye, but more like “see you guys again soon!” πŸ™‚

So my Lightning Collection Magna Defender and S.H.Figuarts Ohma Zio arrived in the mail shortly before I flew to NY, so I never had the chance to unbox these guys just yet. I know the Magna Defender came with a crappy stiff plastic cape which will definitely hinder during toy photography, so I intend to get a cloth cape for him at some point.

As expected, Ohma Zio looks amazing! The only part that disappointed me was the lack of decals on the small Ridewatches but I can always print decals on them.

I didn’t really do much loot shopping at NYCC, but other than the usual convention loot, I got myself the latest Snow MIku figma for this year!

She’ll be joining my other Snow Mikus that I assemble on my office desk display during the Holiday season.

NYCC is my last convention and trip for this year, so I began looking back on my previous travels plans for 2019 and then I realized that I managed to visit both the east and west coasts this year!

It’s not much, but for a casual traveller like myself, this is quite an interesting achievement.

Here’s to hoping bigger and more exciting trips in 2020!

Over the course of my 4-day trip to NY I have accumulated a hefty sum of… one-dollar notes. And also a ton of coins and pennies.

Canada has already phased out the penny years ago, so I really don’t get the point still. And those one-dollar bills have been confusing the heck out of me ever since my trip to the States a few years ago.

But hey, it does make me feel rich in a way! πŸ˜€

It kind of sucks that many of my fellow geek friends I’ve had good relations with all live outside of my city (and country!) so now I understand the struggle that post-convention blues that many people feel every time a convention ends and everyone goes back into their daily lives.

I miss y’all 😦

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