Now that I’ve gotten my convention loot shopping (will post them later) out of the way, this is my chance to actually go around and socialize more with my convention friends and have more photos taken.

My cosplay for today is Geiz (pronounced as “Gates”), the Rider from the year 2068 from Kamen Rider Zi-O.

I spent most of the day checking out booths and stuff with everyone. It gave us the perfect opportunity to bond as friends. On the surface it’s mostly Power Rangers/Super Sentai that brings us together but after hanging out with them for the whole day, I was pleasantly surprised that almost everyone in the group shared many other things such as hobbies, favourite TV/movie franchises in common. Other than the usual geek talk, I took advantage of this day to get to know them even better – asking questions such as what they do outside of the convention circuit, their families, hometowns and such. Next thing I know I’m already quickly growing fond of everyone in the group.

I’m still overwhelmed with all the amazing cosplays I’ve seen today… there’s literally hundreds of them and even though I couldn’t take a photo with everyone, here’s a few:

Even after the convention floor closed at 7 PM, we then proceeded to Dave & Buster’s for some post-convention fun. 😀

Love these guys ❤

I’m so glad they had a Dance Dance Revolution machine there, there are no machines in my home city so I have not played DDR since Morphicon! Another pleasant surprise – some of the people in our group plays DDR as well!

Myself (left) and Nelson (right) playing Selena Gomez’ “I Want You To Know” with Manny being our hype guy 😀

And of course, these folks know I’m a tourist so they took me to Times Square for my mandatory tourist photo! 😀


Before we all went back to our hotels for the evening, we finalized our plans for our big Ranger cosplay group for tomorrow and reconvene first thing in the morning.

It’s getting more and more exciting!

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