Hello, New York! Let’s roll!

It’s both my first time being here in the Big Apple and it’s my very first New York Comic Con as well!

The whole thing takes place for 4 days here at the Javits Center, and it’s already busy despite being a Thursday!

My first stop was the Funko booth earlier – as expected, there was a huge line, so I ended up just taking a photo with a giant Thanos Funko. Might as well get a snap before he blows me up into smithereens!

Next stop was the Goodsmile Company booth – the line was long so I didn’t bother lining up today, but checking out the booth gave me a reason to smile… 🙂

I recently acquired the DX Edition of the figma Splatoon Girls and I’ve been waiting for them to release the boys. Looks like this confirms that one is on the way, but it looks like they’re only releasing the Splatoon Boy from the first game. Quite disappointing, but hey, it’s better than nothing!

Same goes with my Saitama figma – now he won’t be alone any more as the figma Genos will finally make its release in April of next year. Wow, it took him a while! Most people settled for Dasin version, but I’m glad I waited. I now have him on preorder! 😀

I spent the rest of the morning checking out the huge convention floor space while waiting for my scheduled photo-op with Amy Jo Johnson! For the uninitiated, she’s the very first Pink Ranger from the Power Ranger franchise. I’ve met most of the cast from previous conventions that I have attended to, but unlike the others, Amy isn’t as active in the convention circuit, so I snagged this opportunity to meet her and have a photo taken with her!

The photo op line moves really fast and I think I only had about 5 seconds to introduce myself to her, say hi and tell her she’s been one of my childhood inspirations, shake hands and finally snap a photo. It couldn’t say any thing more as I was already starstruck, but in the end, I’m a happy camper!

I took advantage of this opportunity as well to meet my another favourite Ranger of mine, Austin St. John. He played the well-known character Jason as the very first Red Ranger. I missed my chance on his short appearance at Power Morphicon last year, so I figured I shouldn’t just let this pass either!

Unlike my limited time with Amy Jo, I managed to have a good chat with Austin St. John. He’s very candid with his fans and I was very happy to have had this opportunity. Before I yielded to the fan next in line, I asked him to sign my Jason action figure, and he even made it a personalized one!

The funny part was, he asked how to spell my name. To make things way eaiser I just handed him my driver’s license.

After meeting both actors, I then changed into my planned cosplay today: ParaDX, the Bugster villain-turned-hero in the tokusatsu series Kamen Rider Ex-Aid.

I know the shoes didn’t match, but I was already tired from walking around the convention floor all day that I’d rather wear my trusty old runners to keep my toes happy.

I never expected anyone to recognize my cosplay, as tokusatsu and the Kamen Rider fandom is pretty much obscure to most people, but I was pleasantly surprised when 4 people actually approached me and asked for a photo as they recognize who I’m trying to cosplay as.

I met a couple more cool cosplayers in the convention floor. At that point I felt like I’m going to have a stiff neck with all these sights and sounds that it overwhelms my senses and I love it!

Before my friends and I left the convention floor to call it a day, I managed to have my photo taken with a couple of other cosplayers as well.

I proved to Mr. Thor that even Bugsters are worthy!

Also, I think I’ll be featured on Channel 6 News tonight!

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