All aboard the NYCC Hype Train! My flight to New York leaves on Wednesday but since I have two crazy busy weekdays ahead, I figured might as well pack as early as now.

It’s been a crazy ride; since I originally wasn’t planning on going as the NY hotel prices made Anaheim look like AirBnb and I couldn’t afford it, until I one of my friends pitched me the idea of going and splitting costs. Looks like I’ll be able to make it after all!

Many of my PMC friends from last year will be there as well and we’ll be doing a team cosplay shoot. I’ve never done one with a group of fellow Ranger fans so I’m beyond excited!

Kamen Rider Zero One continues to amaze me. Five episodes in and the writing, humour and the fight scenes are still on point! I already liked Aruto but the writers are doing a good job in making me like the character more.

Premium Bandai has began selling the characters’ outfits on their website, and I’m already eyeing that Engrish-ridden Corned Beef hoodie to use as a future cosplay:

8,800 yen translates to roughly $100 CAD, and that still excludes any possible middleman fees so it’s gonna be one heck on an expensive hoodie, but it’s not priority at the moment… maybe I’ll reconsider if I have enough funds left after NYCC.

My Intermediate Japanese classes began last week, and while my brain cells aren’t completely ready for the incoming barrage of grammar rules and new sets of kanji to write, I’m happy to see that most of my friends from last year’s Level 3 have returned and we’re all in the same class still. It’s a reunion of some sorts, and even have the same sensei!

This year I will try my best not to cram on my homework and begin working on them as soon as possible! 😀

I’m still running my Tamagotchi and I’ve been hunting again on the app for any Clock-gene bearing Tamagotchis to breed with. It’s been around 6 generations of disappointing mixes until I met another one earlier today…

Unfortunately, after my character hatched their egg, my device suddenly went blank and has reset itself! 😦

I’ve read enough stories of people having their devices randomly reset on them, and apparently it’s a known defect that even the English versions were not safe from it. I tweeted the official Tamagotchi channel about it but I’m not expecting any decent or helpful response. There goes my 17 generations worth of in-game items and unlocks… 😦

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