I’ve heard the news of Mr. Axelrod’s passing and I’ve always wanted to make a tribute but never found the free time until recently.

I’ve known Robert Axelrod as the main voice actor for Lord Zedd, one of the most well-known villains from the Power Rangers franchise. Hasbro has released a Lightning Collection figure for Zedd, but it wasn’t made easily available here in Canada. Fortunately, the US Amazon site was able to ship me one!

“A Worthy Opponent”

Hasbro’s Lightning Collection figures have been very decent so far, obviously not as good as the Figuarts line but I’ve seen reviews and photos that shows LC’s articulation capability sometimes exceed that of the Figuarts. LC scaling is slightly on the bigger side, but it works out perfectly with monsters and villains such as Zedd and Goldar, so I never had issues posing them together.

The Setup

Behind the scenes

This is a pretty easy one – the basic objective of the shot is to show the Red Ranger about to engage in a battle with Lord Zedd. I’m using a Collection Base with a matching diorama sheet (both 1/12 scale) to form the ground and the main backdrop, some 1/12 scale papercraft rocks, trusses and traffic cones to depict a battle zone. Red Ranger is posed facing Zedd with his back on the camera as he is only a secondary subject. I used a 50mm lens and used its short focal length to entirely focus on Zedd himself but still make sure Red and his Power Sword is still visible enough. I used a photo paper on the right side of the diorama to act as a reflector (as natural light is coming in from the left side). I did a slight tilt to the image to further impose Zedd’s towering height and to lessen the viewer’s focus on the Red Ranger.

On this shoot

If anyone’s interested in more toy photos, head over to my Instagram page! πŸ˜€

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