We did some team-building activity with my IT colleagues at Activate Games yesterday. It’s been my third time there (with different groups of people) but I still find it extremely fun and challenging. My favourite games are the Super Grid, Trench, Laser and the Hide ones. I like Climb as well but I still need to work on my upper body strength as I feel like I’m bringing everyone on the team down as I tend to slip and fall off the wall climb way too often.

Still sore as heck but it’s a fun workout in a sense! Highly recommend these for people looking for an alternative to escape rooms.

I miss Toronto.

Fell in love with the city when I first visited back in 2013, but I’ve been back a few more times now. I never get tired looking around. There’s so much activity and things to do – and now I have made many new friends there as well… and they’re already asking me to come back next March for Toronto Comic Con and one of them even offered me a place to crash. Can’t say no to that!!

Speaking of Toronto, I found out that they have several franchises of Uncle Tetsu’s Japanese Cheesecake stores so I did not miss the opportunity to buy some to take home before heading to the airport.

I first tried this in Vancouver earlier this year, and it never fails to make me cry tears of joy every time I take a bite. This cheesecake is hands down the best one I’ve ever had!

Please come to Winnipeg!! I promise I’ll buy one every day! πŸ˜€

Happy Birthday, Namie Amuro!!

It’s been a year since she has retired from the J-Pop industry but I still listen to her a lot. And her birthday today brings good news – she’s officially on Spotify!

Now her music will reach out to more people and bring in more fans!

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