First entry!

I’ve already began to think of things to start writing about, and what’s on my head right now are some of my upcoming adventures, a.k.a. something to look forward to… and possibly, something to talk about!

Web Unleashed 2019

I’m a Web Dev geek at heart. I primarily develop front-end (and occasional back-end) projects in PHP, SQL, jQuery and the likes, but this year I’m planning to expand into learning the React and Gatsby frameworks. I know they’ve been around for a while but for the longest time I’ve been too happy with doing server-side programming that I somehow lost track of all these new trends. Obviously I don’t want to be left behind. The Web moves at a rapid pace, and staying afloat is supposed to be something I’m good at. Might as well start now than never!

I’m attending Web Unleashed 2019 in Toronto this September and they offer a workshop that tackles React and Gatsby! This should be a good headstart into learning something new from scratch. I can do some online quick crash courses to be able to mentally prepare for this one. I did a quick and dirty research and it looks like the work completely different from the platforms I’ve worked with. So this sounds equally fresh and challenging.

The event should present many networking opportunities as well. To be honest I still feel a bit intimidated when I attend events like these, I’ve always had that feeling that I’m the least knowledgeable person around. But looking at it the other way, it only means I will learn something new just by starting a conversation!

New York Comic Con 2019

That’s right! It’ll be my first time attending NYCC and my first time in New York as well. Myself and a friend got fortunate in scoring Thursday to Saturday passes so we’ll be flying in to New York for the convention weekend. We’re planning to attend the convention during the day and do some sight-seeing in the evenings.

Looking forward to finally meeting Amy Jo Johnson (the famous Pink Ranger from Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers) in person! I’ve met the other OG Ranger cast before but I have yet to meet Austin St. John and Amy herself. Fingers crossed into getting a photo-op with her once the photo-op slots open this Thursday! Here’s hoping that Brooklyn Nine Nine brings some of the cast (if not all) for the event as well… or maybe some MCU actors. Pretty please?

I’ve made new friends over at last year’s Power Morphicon and for NYCC they’ve started planning on doing a group Ranger cosplay team and I’ve been assigned to be the Red Dino Charge Ranger!

Power Morphicon

This one’s not until September 2020, but I’ve already secured my weekend passes. This is one of the biggest events I’ll never miss!

Last year was my first Power Morphicon and it’s the single best event that I’ve ever attended so far. I was expecting to meet all the friends I’ve made over Instagram and Rangerboard in person but I never thought that I’d be able to form such a good bonds with these people that now we talk almost every day and we’re already planning things for NYCC and for this one.

Too bad Morphicon only happens once every two years, but it’s good in a way that it gives everyone time to save up.

Possible Asian trip?

Photo by Bjørn Christian Tørrissen

As much as I wanted to go back to Japan, I’m planning to skip it for 2020 to avoid the crazy Olympics crowd. Japan is crowded enough on its own without any big events, much less the Olympics.

Singapore is the first thing that came to mind. Never been there before, and people speak English there so there should be no worries about the language barrier.

Rough plan – Spring 2020.

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