Is there anyone here who still remembers Tamagotchis? The fad died down in North America in the early 2000’s but in Japan (its hometown) it never really went away. In fact, they introduced colour screen back in 2008 and have been introducing new versions almost every year after that with new features for every iteration.

I’m currently running a Tamagotchi Meets (also known as Tamagotchi On outside of Japan, for the first time) with an exclusive Japanese-only shell design. The thing I like about the recent versions is that they have a daycare/parent drop-off feature so I don’t accidentally kill them due to neglect during the busy workdays. I preferred running my Japanese version as I really like this exclusive design and the Japanese UI is simple enough for me to understand.

This new version features genetics, a very interesting concept. As the characters grow, they begin to inherit random traits off their parents and these will determine how they are going to look like.

Speaking of which, I have these set of ears that I had since the first generation, and I’m currently on the fifth generation and it’s been sticking around and it doesn’t look like it’s going away any time soon.

People have been trying to figure out “theories” on how they can control the character’s growth (ie specifically pick out characteristics they wanted to inherit) but it looks like it’s all RNG-based so far. In my case, really bad RNG.

Not really complaining, it’s cute and all but I could use a new combination at this point.

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